Stage 1: Ideate and Scope

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Learn how to form an idea and to come up with a rough sketch with these steps in this stage:

  • Step 1.1 | What is the problem?
  • Step 1.2 | What is the context?
  • Step 1.3 | What could be done?
  • Step 1.4 | Who may be partners?

Like all journeys, our journey towards enhanced resilience starts with an idea: where exactly do we want to go? Like all journeys, our journey has a starting point: from where do we start? Like all journeys, our journey needs a route: how do we best get from here to there? Whatever you plan to do or achieve in terms of enhancing resilience, you will need to engage and convince others — the wider community, government agencies, local businesses, and so on.

Before you approach others, you should have a rough concept of what you would like to propose as a basis for early discussions. Your idea does not need to be perfect or detailed yet. Instead, you should expect that it will evolve and change as inputs and insights from others are gathered.

Stage 1: Ideate and Scope